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Hi, my name is Nutt Chairatana and I am a highly passionate software engineer with expertise in the full software development cycle, particularly system design, from conceptualization to deployment and monitoring. While working full-time as an spftware engineer, I am also pursuing a master's degree related to machine learning on a part-time basis. I continuously enhance my knowledge and skills by staying current with the latest technologies.


In-bed Patient Scale

Created web application using ReactJS displaying a real-time patient weight data recorded by self-implemented load cell using Arduino

Nong Sampeng

Created LINE chatbot with Dialogflow to retrieve the data from the Google sheet, calculate the cost and visually report the user with a flex message in the chat


Created web application ordering food using NodeJS and ReactJS, designed & built the system architecture using AWS, K8s, and automated the deployment with CI/CD tools

Game Sale Prediction

Created a game sale prediction model which trained by collected historical data using Python in Jupyter

Learning Hub

Created CLI learning system with an online quiz using Go, mainly related to system optimization: cache, threads, parallelism, concurrency, code optimization, etc.


Created web application generating menu recipes from the remaining ingredients in registered fridge using Flask and hosted the app and MySQL database using GCP

KJS Virtual Reality

Created VR game, defending the castle from incoming enemies, from Unity

BLNT, We Grow the World

Implemented IoT that looks after plants using Python WebSocket to communicate between hardware and enabled user to monitor them via mobile application

BLNT Piano

Created software, from PyGame, and hardware that interfaces with a MIDI enabled piano to help students learn

Cozmo Auto Attendance

Created software that automatically check student attendance by face detection and then report the result via LINE and COZMO

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